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This ‘Love Party’ is raising money for LGBTI people struggling with housing

This ‘Love Party’ is raising money for LGBTI people struggling with housing

Performance at the Stonewall Housing fundraising event 2018

Homelessness and housing discrimination disproportionately affect LGBTI people. In fact, a recent report found LGBTI people make up 24% of the youth homeless population.

For over 35 years, Stonewall Housing has provided housing advice and support specifically catered to LGBTI people in England.

They have worked with over 30,000 LGBTI people to help secure safe housing.

And now they’re throwing a ‘Love Party’ to try to raise money for their cause.

Stonewall Housing: Love Party

Held at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Wednesday 13 February, the event features a fabulous evening of drag, burlesque, comedy, live blind dates, spoken word and stunning performances all around the theme of love in all its guises.

‘We know that LGBTI people are particularly vulnerable to homelessness, isolation or poor housing options,’ Stonewall Housing CEO Bob Green said. ‘There are ever more increasing calls for accommodation, guidance and advice yet limited funding for services for those within the LGBTI community who really need it.

He then added: ‘It’s critical we continue delivering the same fantastic services to those who need it. I’m hoping we can feel the love.’

Woman performing at Stonewall Housing fundraising event 2018
Stonewall Housing fundraising event 2018. | Photo: supplied

Fundraising and Initiatives Manager Cat Haldane said: ‘Love Party is an amazing opportunity to celebrate all kinds of love within the LGBTI community – romantic, platonic and importantly, self-love.

‘The evening will showcase the life-changing work we do and share some beautiful stories from our service users,’ she said.

Stonewall Housing are asking for a minimum donation of £20 for the event.

You can buy tickets here.

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