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Boy Erased star Lucas Hedges opens up about being sexually fluid

Boy Erased star Lucas Hedges opens up about being sexually fluid

Lucas Hedges in Manchester By The Sea.

Lucas Hedges, the star of the upcoming conversion therapy movie Boy Erased, discussed his sexual fluidity with Ellen DeGeneres.

He appeared on DeGeneres’ daytime talk show along with co-star Nicole Kidman, who plays his mother in the film.

‘I went to a progressive, liberal arts school for my whole life,’ Hedges, 21, explained on the couch, sitting side-by-side with Kidman.

It was a teacher who first introduced him to the idea of sexuality being a spectrum.

‘In sixth grade, I had a health teacher, and he presented the idea of sexuality existing on a spectrum. It’s not really that you exist 100 percent one thing and 100 percent the other.’

In the movie, Hedges plays Jared Eamons, based on the real life Garrard Conley. When Jared’s parents (played by Kidman and Russell Crowe) find out he’s gay, they send him to a gay conversion therapy camp.

Joel Edgerton plays the lead therapist at the camp, and also directs the film.

Hedges said he felt a personal connection to Jared.

In September, he came out in an interview as ‘not totally straight’.

He said the same thing to DeGeneres, explaining after having that health teacher, he knew he existed ‘within that spectrum’.

‘I see it as something that’s more fluid. It’s just not as black and white,’ he said.

DeGeneres shared her own experience with fluidity: ‘I’m confused whenever I’m around Ryan Reynolds [and] Justin Timberlake I’m confused! Like, what’s wrong with me?’

Boy Erased opens on 2 November in the US.

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