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Lucknow’s first Pride Parade was a ‘life-changing event’

Lucknow’s first Pride Parade was a ‘life-changing event’

Lucknow's Awadh Pride 2017. Photo: Instagram

More than 300 people took part in Lucknow’s first ever pride parade on the weekend.

The capital of the north eastern state Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow’s Awadh Pride Parade was an emotional event for all involved.

‘This was a full-fledged Queer Pride Parade,’ parade organiser Darvesh Singh Yadvendra told The Quint.

‘For the first time, not only was it attended by LGBTQ members, but their family members turned out in support as well. It shows that they are also getting acceptability.’

The Awadh Pride Parade was a great show of defiance to the growing number of vigilante groups known as ‘anti-Romeo squads’ been targeting LGBTI people and young couples.

But for a number of people, Lucknow’s pride march was a life-changing experience.

‘Sometimes one event can change the way you look at life, compels you to move beyond your prejudices and biases,’ wrote Shubhra Mittal on Facebook.

‘Sometimes all it takes is one person’s true joy to make you realise the true meaning of freedom.

‘I saw the pain, the anguish these people have endured for years, I saw how liberated they felt when they didn’t have to hide who they are.’

A native ‘Lucknowite’, Alisha Asif, wrote how amazing it felt for her city to host a pride parade.

‘This is to a beginning that has an incredibly long way to go and we’ve started off just about right,’ she wrote on Bewajah.

‘I am so proud of Lucknow, and not one day till yet, through all of the good and bad memories, have I regretted moving back to Lucknow. This one just added so much to it by so much more.’

Check out some of the photos from the Awadh Pride Parade:

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