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Lucy Spraggan celebrates being approved as foster carer with her wife

Lucy Spraggan celebrates being approved as foster carer with her wife

Lucy Spraggan and her wife Georgina are officially approved foster carers

Lucy Spraggan revealed her and her wife have been approved as foster carers.

The singer rose to fame when she competed on the British version of the X Factor.

On Thursday (30 March) she now shared a snap of her and wife Georgina, both beaming with joy, on Instagram.

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‘Me and my fabulous wife are now officially approved foster carers,’ Spraggan captioned the pic.


She then encouraged her followers to check out the Fostering Network, if they are interested in fostering themselves.

In the comments, fans were excited and congratulated the couple to their great news.

‘So happy for you, you absolute stunners,’ one user wrote.

‘They are some super lucky children to get fosterers like you.’

Another said: ‘How cute you to are this is an insparation [sic] to us all.’

Some users also came forward saying they grew up in foster or adoptive families themselves – and they praised the couple for their decision.

‘Congratulations and thank you from someone who was fostered herself,’ one comment read.

‘What you’re doing is amazing. Of everything you’ve done I couldn’t be prouder hearing you’re doing this,’ another user said.

‘I’m so so happy. I was thankfully adopted when i was only 18 months but i understand the importance of what you’re doing.

‘It’s amazing and I’m so proud.’

Spraggan also clarified they were not adopting, but would be fostering kids.

‘FYI Adoption and fostering are two different things,’ she tweeted.

‘We’ll be carers not parents.’

The singer is currently on a World Tour.

She recently also made headlines when Spraggan and her wife were victims of a brutal homophobic attack in Brighton.