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Luxembourg group fails to find enough homophobes to stop gay marriage

Luxembourg group fails to find enough homophobes to stop gay marriage

A Luxembourg group has failed to find enough homophobes to block same-sex marriage and adoption.

The tiny European nation is expected to become the next nation to take the next step in marriage equality, with a vote expected to take place this week.

A public petition demanding the introduction of the bill will not be extended, president of the Chamber of Deputies Mars Di Bartolomeo has said.

Anti-gay groups could not find enough people to sign the petition that would have heavily delayed the bill becoming law.

The initiative claims: ‘Depriving children of a coherent lineage, these projects will radically transform the family and therefore society.

‘Promoting affiliation of intent with respect to the biological parentage, they will weaken family ties, to the detriment of all.’

At the time of writing, 3,188 people signed the petition. They needed 4,500 for a debate to be held in parliament.

The initiative behind the petition – ‘Schutz fir d’Kand’ (Protection of the Child) – launched both the public document, as well as collecting signatures on another paper.

The paper, which has around 1,150, will not be allowed to be combined with the online petition.

As reported by AFP, Di Bartolomeo said these two systems cannot be combined as they run by different procedures and deadlines.

The Chamber president also ruled out an extension of the 14 June deadline, saying arbitrary exceptions could not be allowed.

The country, which is the only nation in the world to have a gay Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, is expected to vote on the bills on Wednesday (18 June).