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Top luxury destinations to travel to in 2018

Top luxury destinations to travel to in 2018

Top luxury destinations to travel to in 2018 (image: Pixabay)

For those that love to travel, it seems as though there is always more of the world to explore. Even more nowadays when sending luggage is no issue at all. Each year there are several lists compiled urging you to visit new destinations that stand out among the rest, and 2018 is no different.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury locales, then look no further. These international stops are guaranteed to delight for a variety of stellar reasons. This article won’t cover how to get there or which airlines allow your furry friends to tag along in style, but it will show you new locations worthy of the term luxe (and speaking of luxe –here you can check some private jets pricing because why not have some more fun while reaching your dream vacation!).

Viñales, Cuba

Colorful streets and a lush countryside make Cuba a top destination many, not to mention that it’s home to some of the world’s top cigar manufacturers. Viñales places travellers in a location surrounded by the beauty of the island, in a place where live music and dancing can be enjoyed late into the night.

Exquisite food, serene walks, and cafes boasting renowned coffee are an incredible part of the experience. However, it is the classic car scene that draws so many to this unique city.

Alentejo, Portugal

For the ultimate seaside getaway, consider the coastline of Alentejo. Its clear ocean waves, rock formations, and breathtaking cliffs are one of a kind. For the most part, the beaches remain empty to deliver a level of privacy unheard of here in places like the US. Whether you enjoy surfing or simply basking in the shallow recesses created by the landscape, this warm water spot is the perfect beach destination.

Valletta, Malta

Valleta is the capital city of Malta, an island nation, and it happens to be a highly underrated location. Skip the Bahamas and head to this rich cultural wonderland filled with decadent museums, theaters, and circa 1500s architecture. It’s the perfect combination of the arts and tropical living.

Tokyo, Japan

Speaking of cultural getaways, Japan is one city that will always make the list of luxury destinations. From premier shopping to unique dining experiences, you can find it all here. It’s the New York of the East, and feels like stepping into a whole other world.

Seville, Spain

Rated the number one city to visit by Lonely Planet, this European locale delivers gorgeous sights and all the trimmings of a luxe vacation. From its awe-inspiring architecture to the exquisite food (their tapas is on point), you’ll feel like royalty just visiting.


It might not sound like this frozen island could offer anything short of a wilderness trip, but prepare for the exact opposite. Aside from the Northern Lights, which are a must see for any traveler, this country boasts a level of hospitality unlike anywhere else. With more airline companies offering flights to this beautiful location, it’s easier than ever to book a trip.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Imagine stepping foot in a city filled with old world charm and small-town warmth. That’s what Amsterdam has to offer its visitors, along with some of the best coffee in Europe. Don’t let the meek appearance fool you, though, this destination is filled with premier restaurants and top-star hotels. Plus, you can hop over to Brussels with ease.