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Lynda Carter tells GSN gay fans have been loyal to her because of Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter tells GSN gay fans have been loyal to her because of Wonder Woman

It’s been more than 30 years since Lynda Carter last played Wonder Woman on television.

At 61, the ageless Carter does not look much different now than she did then. She is still recognized and appreciated around the world – especially by her legions of gay fans.

‘One of the people who I admired very much as a young singer was Bette Midler and how she got her start in the bath houses,’ Carter tells Gay Star News. ‘I thought I’d really love to have that audience, they are such a cool group. Very loyal fans, so enthusiastic about your work. I hoped someday that would be me.’

‘When someone told me I (had a gay following), I was thrilled. It was a measure of success. It’s crossed over as well to lesbians as well.’

She believes the connection began during the original 1975-79 run of Wonder Woman, a strong character that resonated with gays because the superhero also had the secret identity of Diana Prince.

‘I think the reason is the secret self. It really is about the secret self. You had to sort of hide in a way. It’s the transformation into acceptance into who you are. It’s about being strong and you’re not going to get bullied.’

Carter still acts in television and film but in recent years, she has been dedicating herself to her first love: music.

A singer before her television fame hit, Carter released an album (Portrait) during the run of Wonder Woman which had the Wizard of Oz-inspired hit single Toto (Don’t it Feel Like Paradise).

After a nearly 30 year gap, she released a second album in 2009 (At Last) and a third in 2011 (Crazy Little Things). She is currently on a ‘mini tour’ which has her performing at The Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood this week with future dates in New York City and Washington DC.

‘Right now, this is what I’m doing mostly,’ she says. ‘I’ve been offered some wonderful roles but they have fallen into the middle of performing. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now. It’s very exciting and it’s challenging.’

So what about those youthful looks?

‘We all just do the best we can,’ she says. ‘I think it’s hereditary. My mom when she died didn’t have hardly any wrinkles. It’s the Hispanic part. My dad, who is Black Irish, doesn’t have many either. As you get older, you start seeing little things happening and you try and take care of yourself. The rest of it is on a wing and a prayer.’