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WATCH: Macklemore reveals he has a nude painting of Justin Bieber

Because why not? (NSFW)

WATCH: Macklemore reveals he has a nude painting of Justin Bieber
Yup, Macklemore has a painting of naked Justin. | Photo: YouTube/WWHL

We’ve all owned some weird stuff in our lives. But none so strange as Macklemore’s nude painting of Justin Bieber. With a pancake.

On Thursday’s (16 November) episode of Watch What Happens Live, Macklemore opens up about the origins of the artwork.

He bought it on Etsy — what? Okay, okay, let’s show the painting first and get it over with.

Also it’s definitely Not Safe for Work.

Yup, that is absolutely a naked Justin Bieber with a pancake in a precarious position.

Now back to the story.

‘I bought it on Etsy as a white elephant Santa gift that at the end of the night just stayed at my house,’ the singer told Andy Cohen. No one ended up taking it, so Macklemore kept it, which he was happy about.

‘I’m very proud of it,’ he continued. ‘And it’s become a huge headline. Like, Macklemore owns a naked Justin Bieber dick pancake painting.’

It also serves a higher purpose, Macklemore revealed.

‘It goes right above my bed and whenever I’m with my wife intimately, I can always stare at it if I want to control my orgasm. Just slow it down.’

He also told TMZ last year he considered the piece an investment.

‘I search eBay and Etsy for fine pieces of art. It cost me about $20. I’m pretty sure that the minute that the Justin Bieber album went number one, I’m pretty sure that painting went to about $30, $33. Do the math, man,’ he said.

However, the painter in question, Dan Lacey, has an ace up his sleeve.

Watch Macklemore discuss the painting:

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