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Made of Stars: It’s time for the 2nd Eurovision semi-final

Made of Stars: It’s time for the 2nd Eurovision semi-final

Sweden are hosting the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, and with a theme of “Come Together”.  On Tuesday we previewed some of the acts in the first semi-final and tonight we have 8 more songs to watch as we move into Semi-final 2!

The second semi-final begins in style, with a big musical number “That’s Eurovision” explaining the song contest to those who are new.  Expect lots of high kicks and camp references.  Then the show will move on to today’s 18 countries competing for a place int he final.  We highlight 8 below – some of these are almost guaranteed not to make it through to the final, so watch now before they become a part of Eurovision history.

POLAND – Color of Your Life

Are you a fan of the 80s? Then Poland may be your choice of the night with both the song and the performer harking back to the golden era of pop with a searing ballad.  Michal Szpak’s look has often been compared to Captain Jack Sparrow…tonight we could be in for Pirates of the Eurovision!

ISRAEL – Made of Stars

Openly gay singer Hovi Star will be representing Israel this year with his atmospheric ballad “Made of Stars” and spoke to Gay Star News to plead with the fans not to boo Russia.

Hovi performs in a black outfit covered in Swarovski crystals, while in the background two acrobats perform on a giant hoop.

BELARUS – Help You Fly

It’s not just Ivan’s long hair which is grabbing attention at Eurovision 2016 but his plan to sing naked on stage with wolves has created quite a stir! If he can pull it off it certainly would be one of the most memorable acts in Eurovision history but he has just two problems:

  1. Animals aren’t allowed on stage
  2. Though performing nude isn’t against the rules a spokesperson said that it would be “inappropriate for a family show”.

Whatever the outcome Belarus are sure to be remembered!

IRELAND – Sunlight

Remember the boyband Westlife? Tonight one of its members Nicky Byrne is singing for Ireland and he has collaborated with songwriter Wayne Hector who has written hits for One Direction, Nicky Minaj and Britney amongst others.

This illustrious team seems a match made for Eurovision success but the song “Sunlight” fails to catch fire and is considered a bit of an outsider to even qualify for the final.

LITHUANIA– I’ve Been Waiting for this Night

Fans of Eurovision will fondly remember Donny Montell (pictured above) who sang the catchy “Love is Blind” back in 2012.  He has removed his blindfold and has clearly been working out and is one of the hottest guys on stage this year. It’s a shame that his song live up to expectations though many might forgive Donny for the song and vote for him on looks alone!

SLOVENIA – Blue and Red

What to do when your song may not grab viewers attention? Add a semi-naked hot acrobat to your show and make him gyrate on a rotating pole.

Mauella didn’t need the gimmick as she delivers a strong performance. We’re not complaining though!

BULGARIA – If Love Was a Crime

One country with a dismal qualifying record is Bulgaria having reached the final just once but all that is likely to change with Poli Genova second attempt at Eurovision.

This is a real dark horse in the competition using the native Bulgarian language in a catchy chorus with the message that we should be allowed to love whoever we want – a very topical comment and surely one that will be seen as controversial with some participating countries.

NORWAY – Icebreaker

Many were hoping that lesbian performance art group “Hungry Hearts” would win the Norwegian pre-selection show with their camp disco number “Laika” but they lost out to Agnete with “Icebreaker”.

Icebreaker is an avant-garde song with several musical styles melted into 3 minutes that have polarised fans either lauding it’s originality or claiming the mish-mash of musical styles simply doesn’t work.  Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Oh and did we mention that Australia are entering the competition again?  The Australia performance is amazing, and certain to be in the final.

One you won’t be seeing..

Romania – Moment of Silence

Just three weeks before the contest Romania were told they were not allowed to compete this year because the TV broadcaster TVR owed a substantial amount of money to the European Broadcasting Union in unpaid debts.  Unfortunately, they got more than just a moment of silence.

Romanian contestant Ovidiu Anton was devastated at the news after having extensively prepared for his big performance though his song remains on the official CD as it was produced before Romania were disqualified!

Our Eurovision coverage will continue on Saturday for the grand final. If you have a favorite Eurovision song from this year, let us know.