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Madison Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, London review

Madison Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, London review

With its spectacular sunset views of St Paul’s Cathedral, it’s not uncommon to see Madison Rooftop Bar & Restaurant rammed with drinkers and diners of an evening. So much so, the last time I ate at Madison, I was slightly put off by the busyness.

For whatever reason, when I visited a few months back, it was quieter and a far more relaxed experience. And furthermore one flooded with lovely, natural evening light. The restaurant, with its slanted floor-to-ceiling windows, is located in the sixth floor of the One New Change shopping center, a two-minute walk from the Cathedral.

The charming hostesses were generous with their time. The same can be said for the friendly, engaging, well-informed waitstaff. They happily talked my guest and I through the ’3 courses for £35’ food menu.

There wasn’t infinite choice, but it was clear a lot of thought had gone into the menu. The dishes on offer available covered a lot of ground and featuring a lot of trendy ingredients.

For example, a dynamic salad, featuring a perfect balance of quinoa, sweet potato, rocket, macadamias and jicama –a Mexican turnip – looked and tasted great.

However, we started with plump, juicy olives and delicious fresh-baked bread. This was appreciated given the reasonable, but precisely-measured portion sizes later on. (This is something I have come to accept about meal deals. I have a big appetite and always go for the jugular when I eat out, and meal deals never completely satisfy me.)

I followed my starter with a silkily-tender corn-fed chicken breast, densely marinated in miso and ginger. This was accompanied by a few dollops of delicious and satisfying baked polenta, an ingredient I couldn’t help but notice cropped up later, in an orange cake.

Meanwhile, my guest plumped for a similarly-soft pork ribeye steak over the confit fillet of salmon. The fourth main option – a pappardelle pasta with asparagus and feta, the vegetarian dish – looked the most hearty of all.

A baked Normandy Camembert was a reliably rich and indulgent choice of third course. It’s something I always inhale rather than saviour for fear of it getting cold.

Ironically, my guest paced himself with an absolutely beautiful cold coconut rice pudding. It was charmingly decorated with pineapple, mango and totted coconut. Divine, to be sure, but surely this portion could have been bigger? Without it causing, I hope, the meal-deal-cost-efficiency-house-of-cards to collapse?

The offer came complete with a crisp glass of Prosecco. This, to my mind, just about qualifies it as good value, especially given the statement surroundings, which I guarantee will leave you gobsmacked on your first visit. Although, personally, I would be more inclined to return for it if was just a few pounds cheaper.

For more information about Madison Roof Terrace, click here.

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