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Madonna is officially performing at Eurovision

Madonna is officially performing at Eurovision

Madonna in a cowboy hat

After months of negotiations and back and forths, Madonna is officially performing on the final night of Eurovision this Saturday (18 May).

According to the Jerusalem Post, the iconic singer signed a contract Thursday (16 May) morning to appear at the global singing competition.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Madonna might not perform after all due to the lack of a contract.

Reports state Madonna held a rehearsal for her upcoming performance yesterday, despite not having the contract in place yet. She allegedly clashed with European Broadcasting Union (EBU) officials over this.

Here’s an outfit from one of her rehearsals:

Another video from a rehearsal seemed to show a backup dancer in a gas mask.

A backup dancer seen on Madonna's Instagram story
A backup dancer seen on Madonna’s Instagram story | Photo: Instagram @madonna

There is no clear reason for the clash over the contract and why it took so long to come to fruition. Some reports posit it had to do with copyright or content becoming politicized.

The EBU is set to officially announce Madonna’s performance later today.

When will she grace the stage?

Eurovision is an annual singing competition held primarily among members of the EBU.

This year’s contest takes place in Tel Aviv, following Netta’s win for Israel at last year’s competition in Portugal. This is the third time Israel has hosted. They first hosted in 1979, and then two decades later in 1999.

Forty-one countries are competing in this year’s Eurovision, from Slovenia to Iceland and Australia. The second semi-final round takes place today, with the final scheduled for Saturday. Twenty-six countries participate in the final, with all 41 countries eligible to vote.

Madonna will perform on stage during the interval of the final while votes are cast and counted. She’s expected to perform both a classic and something from her upcoming album Madame X.

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