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What’s the meaning behind Madonna’s latest cryptic Instagram posts?

What’s the meaning behind Madonna’s latest cryptic Instagram posts?

Madonna on Instagram

Madonna has left a cryptic message for her fans on her Instagram account for April Fool’s Day.

The singer shared an enigmatic, gigantic red X on a black background and spread across nine different pictures.

This post prompted speculations that the iconic artist might be about to drop a new album.

After Rebel Heart 

The Like A Prayer singer released her latest album Rebel Heart in 2015. She then went on to debut new song Beautiful Game at the Met Gala in May 2018.

She also posted a 37-second fun song about safe sex on Instagram in February 2019, but hasn’t dropped new music since.

After Lady Gaga announced she is ‘pregnant’ with her sixth album earlier this month, Madonna lovers took the X as a clue her idol, too, is about to release a new studio album.

Madonna did announce an album was on its way in January 2018. However, there is still no release date for this hotly anticipated new work, which would be her 14th.

Despite the huge amount of guesswork on social media, fans haven’t found an explanation for the huge X.

Is Madonna teasing her collaboration with Moschino?

Nonetheless, the most plausible reason seems to have little to do with new music.

The post might, in fact, be teasing Madonna’s new collaboration with Italian fashion brand Moschino.

Madonna’s MDNA Skin has teamed up with the luxury fashion house to create three skincare sets.

These will be based around MDNA’s core products but repackaged in an exquisite Moschino bag. And the name of the collection is MDNA X Moschino.

Moreover, red and black have always been the 1983-born brand’s signature colors. Furthermore, the collection dropped right on April Fool’s and is now available at Barney’s, Nordstrom and

It looks like fans won’t have any brand new Madonna’s bangers to dance to anytime soon, but they might be content with having perfect skin for the time being.

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