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Madonna posts heartbreaking tribute to friends on World AIDS Day

Madonna posts heartbreaking tribute to friends on World AIDS Day

Madonna and Keith Haring.

1 December marked the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day and Madonna posted a moving tribute to the friends she lost to AIDS-related illnesses.

The legendary singer took to Instagram to share three posts with her fans.

The first post is a fan artwork of herself with a red ribbon across her face.

‘Today it’s World AIDS Day. Let’s pause and reflect,’ the Vogue singer wrote.

‘We have lost so many incredible people to this disease and yet we have found no cure. Please GOD in this lifetime.’

Madonna pays tribute to Keith Haring and Martin Burgonye

Madonna, an advocate for HIV and AIDS prevention, went on remembering artist Keith Haring.

‘With my Good Friend Keith Haring,’ she captioned the sweet snap.

‘He was a big AIDS activist when everyone was calling it GAY cancer. I was with him the day he died of AIDS. He said what hurt him the most was how people did not want to touch door knobs after he touched them. The discrimination then was next level.’

Her third and final post is dedicated to her former roommate and manager Martin Burgonye.

She shared a picture of herself in the apartment she shared with Burgonye.

‘I held his hand as his spirit left his body. He was so beautiful and talented and full of Life like so many others. In those days it ravaged people and took so many lives in the blink of an eye. We Have come a long way but we still have NO cure! Let’s pray for this and more tolerance in the World.’

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