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Madonna’s performance at Eurovision might not happen after all

Madonna’s performance at Eurovision might not happen after all

Madonna at Stonewall Inn

Madonna’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest might not happen after all.

Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand has said she has yet to sign a contract for Saturday’s show.

‘The European Broadcasting Union has never confirmed Madonna as an act,’ he said.

Madonna’s performance ‘not confirmed’

‘If we do not have a signed contract she cannot perform on our stage.’

The grand final is set to take place in Tel Aviv in Israel on 18 May.

Her publicist announced Madonna’s appearance in April. They also said the star was due to play two songs in the performance.

Rumors say the songs are likely to be a track from Madame X, and the other being Like A Prayer.

Eurovision is in a ‘strange’ situation 

Sand said that Eurovision is in a ‘strange’ situation.

He also said: ‘He have an artist who would like to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, and who we would love to welcome on that stage. But for that we need to have the framework secured.

‘We are negotiating now, in the final stage of that – but if there is no signed contract this week, she will not be on the stage.’

Madonna is set to arrive in Tel Aviv to start rehearsals on Wednesday.

It is not known how the show will fill the space if Madonna does not perform.

A separate performance is planned featuring four former contestants recreating some Eurovision’s most memorable moments.

Should Madonna be boycotting Eurovision? 

Some believe people should be boycotting Eurovision this year as it’s being held in Israel.

Commenting on the row, Madonna said she is a supporter of ‘peace’.

In a statement she said: ‘I’ll never stop playing music to suit someone’s political agenda, nor will I stop speaking out against violations of human rights wherever in the world they may be.

‘My heart breaks every time I hear about the innocent lives that are lost in this region and the violence that is so often perpetuated to suit the political goals of people who benefit from this ancient conflict.

‘I hope and pray that we will soon break free from this terrible cycle of destruction and create a new path towards peace.’

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