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Maine approves gay marriage in breakthrough victory for LGBT movement

Maine approves gay marriage in breakthrough victory for LGBT movement

In a breakthrough for the LGBT movement, the Associated Press reports that voters in Maine have approved a measure that will permit marriage certificates to be issued to same sex couples in the state.

It marks the first time a gay marriage initiative has been passed by voters in US history. It marks a reverse from 2009 when Maine voters defeated a marriage equality measure which overrode the state legislature’s approval.

‘Tonight, we have made history,’ said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin whose organization contributed millions to Maine’s campaign. ‘For the first time in this country, the public has voted in favor of marriage equality. … Truly historic momentum is on our side.’

Oscar winning screenwriter and LGBT activist Dustin Lance Black wrote on Facebook:  ‘It’s tough to type this through the tears of joy. IT’S OFFICIAL. Maine is the 1st state in history to vote in favor of marriage equality. Thank you Maine. Thank you Maine.’

Gay marriage is already legal in six US states and Washington, D.C. but those laws were the result of action taken by lawmakers or achieved through court rulings.

More than 30 states had previously held elections on same-sex marriage and had failed each and every time to achieve victory same-sex marriage supporters.

Results for gay marriage ballot measures in Maine, Maryland and Washington state were expected later Tuesday (6 November).