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Major Taiwan bank offers ‘love is equal’ rainbow credit card

Major Taiwan bank offers ‘love is equal’ rainbow credit card

Taiwan's O-Bank released the rainbow credit card after the equal marriage referendum defeat (Photo: Facebook)

A major Taiwan bank recently launched a rainbow credit card to support the LGBTI community.

It comes as LGBTI Taiwanese reel from a referendum last month in which residents voted against changing the Civil Code to recognize same-sex marriage.

Taiwan will now instead enact separate legislation. But, the LGBTI community denounced  the move as failing to provide genuine equality.

O-Bank’s rainbow credit card takes the slogan ‘Stronger Together’, which became a rallying call for the LGBTI community after the referendum defeat.

’When the rain stops, the sky will clear, and a rainbow will reappear’ the bank wrote on Facebook.

What’s more, the card’s design, by artist Vansler H, features a rainbow shape.

‘We have been sailing for a long time and actually we are not alone‘ he said. ‘In the universe, some sort of power is suddenly all running towards you’.

The bank will make a donation of 0.2 percent of customers’ monthly transactions to the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline.

Calls to the dedicated LGBTI counseling service jumped 40 percent after the referendum defeat.

Internet users commenting on the announcement said they were happy to see a bank giving warmth to the community after the referendum setback.

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