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A massive majority of LGBTI people want a People’s Vote

A massive majority of LGBTI people want a People’s Vote

Majority of LGBTI people support a People's Vote

A new poll has found that an overwhelming majority of LGBTI people want a People’s Vote on Brexit – and the majority would vote to remain in the EU.

The YouGov poll, coinciding with the launch of campaign group LGBT+ for a People’s Vote, asked almost 1500 people from the UK community. 72% supported a public vote, with just 28% opposing.

Now, 70% of LGBTI people would vote to remain in the European Union, compared to 60% in the first referendum.

Also, a massive 84% of the community agreed that the process so far of leaving the EU has been a mess.

Party for a People’s Vote

Support for another referendum is building across the country, with Party for a People’s Vote officially launching the campaign for it.

It will be taking place across nine prominent LGBTI venues across four cities. The main event kicks off at G-A-Y London.

Meanwhile, a letter to the Prime Minister signed by 164 LGBTI activists has been published. Names include Stonewall Founding Chair Lord Cashman and Gay Star News’ Editor-in-Chief Tris Reid-Smith.

Those that signed are concerned with the rise in hate crimes and extremist politics – including homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia – since the 2016 vote. There’s also legitimate concerns about access to HIV medication, PrEP, and new medical advances shared across the Union.

Fears from the community

Tris is a leading voice in the campaign for a People’s Vote.

He said: ‘Brexit is dangerous for the LGBTI community. It would do more than just harm LGBTI rights of course. If we actually leave the EU – ‘Chequers’ deal, bad deal or no deal – people will lose their jobs, the NHS will suffer and we may face shortages of everything from HIV medication to food.

‘The loudest Brexiteers have the worst voting records on LGBTI issues. The referendum has handed political power to homophobes, biphobes and transphones. I am scared what they will do next if they triumph in pushing us to hard Brexit.’

Helen Belcher, Chair of LGBT Consortium, shares the fears of what might happen if we crash out of the EU.

They said: ‘Trans people won two key rights – the right not to be discriminated against at work and the right of gender recognition – from the Court of Justice of the European Union.

‘The human rights consequences as well as the economic and reputational consequences of leaving the EU are why I’m campaigning for a People’s Vote once we know the terms of any deal.’

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