Majority of British people see no problem with LGBTI people having sex

majority of british people are fine with gay people

The majority of British people have no problem at all with same-sex relations, according to new data released by the government.

Over two-thirds of the British population – amounting to 68% of people – reported that sex between two people of the same gender was ‘not at all wrong’. In 2012, that number was only 47%, and in 1987 it was 11%.

There is still 17% who say sex between two adults of the same gender is ‘always’ and ‘mostly’ wrong’.

But on a positive note, 71% said two adults being in a same-sex relationship is not at all wrong.

Moreover, the younger people reported the highest acceptance of same-sex relationships, with 80% of the group saying the same. This is compared to 29% of the population aged 75 and older.

Across the LGBTI spectrum

Attitudes towards trans people in the UK among the public are relatively positive, despite a massively transphobic mainstream media.

81% of respondents said they were not at all prejudiced against trans people. However, this is slightly shadowed by the fact the much smaller proportion of 52% said prejudice against trans people was ‘always’ wrong. Women and younger respondents were more likely to be accepting of trans people.

Minister for Equalities, Baroness Susan Williams, said in a press release: ‘On Valentine’s Day, everyone should be able to love who they love, and be free to show that love to the world.

‘I am encouraged to see that people are changing their attitudes to be more accepting and more tolerant, but as government we still have work to do to make sure our society is truly fair, and truly free.’

This comes as part of the government’s British Social Attitudes Survey 2017. The government surveyed 3011 people in England, Wales and Scotland between July and November 2017.

Work still needs to be done. In the National LGBT Survey by the government from the same year, two thirds of British LGBTI people said they avoided holding hands in public for fear of negative reaction.

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