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Malawi Muslims call for death penalty for homosexuals

Malawi Muslims call for death penalty for homosexuals

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has called for the introduction of the death penalty for homosexuality as the country debates whether to decriminalize homosexuality.

Malawian President Joyce Banda pledged to decriminalize homosexuality on taking office in May of 2012 but later backtracked – saying it was up to the people of her country to decide the issue.

Malawi’s Government said in November of 2012 that it would not enforce its law criminalizing gay sex with up to 14 years in jail so that debate could occur but it appears the country’s Muslim minority is now pushing back against efforts to strike the offense from the criminal code.

‘Malawi is regarded as a secular state but the country is blessed with God fearing citizens who can’t afford to deviate from God’s commandments for the sake of pleasing others who practice the act,’ MAM Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar Idrussi told

‘Even animals like goats don’t do this, what more with human beings like us who were blessed with wisdom by the Almighty God? The offenders need to be handed death penalty as a way of making sure that the issue is curbed.

‘The majority obviously is against legalizing this sinful act. Therefore it will be necessary for people to be asked whether they are happy with the current law which attracts a maximum penalty of a 14 year jail term.’

Idrussi said the death penalty was the only way to rid Malawi of its homosexuals.

Malawi is a majority Christian country but Muslims make up roughly a quarter of the population.

In an unprecedented move UNAIDS announced in January that it would join with Malawian human rights activists in challenging the country’s colonial era law banning gay sex and the matter is to be heard in Malawi’s High Court on 17 March.