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Malawi politician could face arrest over call to kill gays

Malawi politician could face arrest over call to kill gays

Ken Msonda said the best way to deal with Malawi's gay 'problem' was to kill LGBTI people.

A Malawian politician could face arrest over his calls to kill the LGBTI people.

Ken Msonda, spokesperson of the opposition People’s Power party, made the comment in response to the government’s decision to put a moratorium on the southeast African country’s anti-gay laws, after an international outcry over the arrest of two gay men in December.

‘Arresting them won’t address this problem because sooner or later they are being released on bail. The best way to deal with this problem is to KILL them!’ he wrote on Facebook.

‘It is pathetic to see our media houses parading these dogs on TV and newspapers hiding behind human rights — human rights my foot! The devil has no rights!’

But now the Malawi Law Society – an umbrella organization of all lawyers in the country – has said Msonda’s words constituted hate speech and called on the Human Rights Commission and police to investigate.

‘This irresponsibility takes an unacceptably different turn when political leaders and opinion makers take the lead in inciting actual violence against fellow citizens,’ it said in a statement.

‘Calling on members of the LGBTI community to be killed is hate speech and is not protected by the Constitution. It is in fact criminal.’

The Center for the Development of the People similarly demanded the police take action.

‘There are elements of a grave criminal offense all over his utterances and we are asking the police to arrest him,’ the center’s executive director, Gift Trapence told the Malawi News Agency Online.

‘It is very unfortunate that such words are coming from a political leader who claims to represent the interests of Malawians.’

Msonda’s response: ‘Whatever I said is not a slip of my tongue, gay practice remains sinful and God can condemn this nation if it is to be legalized, go back to them and tell them to go to hell.’