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Malaysia investigates ‘LGBT dinner’

Malaysia investigates ‘LGBT dinner’

Chief minister of Malacca Adly Zahari (Photo: Facebook)

A state government in Malaysia has promised to launch a full investigation into an alleged LGBT party in the city of Malacca.

The ‘Night of Malacca’ party invitation caused a stir on social media for featuring drag queens.

‘We will not allow any kind of [LGBT] promotion and programme to be held in this state’ said state Chief Minister Adly Zahari, according to the Malay Mail.

‘We will conduct further investigations through the relevant agencies, including the state security force’ he also said.

He also said authorities would take ‘firm action’ against organizers if they had contravened regulations and laws.

Malaysia Malaysia, where gay sex is illegal, is becoming less and less tolerant of its LGBTI population.

The country has seen a crackdown on LGBTI individuals spurred by the religious fundamentalism of politicians.

Organizers of a Women’s March earlier this month are being prosecuted after they included demands for LGBT rights.

The country’s prime minister last year also said LGBT rights were a Western concept and not for Malaysia.

Not an LGBT party

Gisele Rimong, a Malacca-based trans activist with Justice for Sisters, has spoken with the organizers.

She said they have canceled the event for security reasons.

‘They are worried that if authorities come to take action, it could affect their businesses’, she also told Gay Star News.

What’s more, Rimong said, the private, invite-only event is not an LGBT event at all.

Organizers host the annual party for the make-up industry.

But, she said, the drag queen emcee, pictured on the invitation, caused controversy.

She said most of the LGBTI backlash in Malacca took place on social media.

But, she said, trans women were the most vulnerable because they are so visible.

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