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Malaysian lawmakers say LGBTI people to blame for deadly Indonesia earthquake

Malaysian lawmakers say LGBTI people to blame for deadly Indonesia earthquake

LGBTI people responsible for earthquakes in Indonesia

Malaysian lawmakers blamed LGBTI people for the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department – who enforce Islamic law – distributed a sermon Friday (5 October) blaming catastrophes like the disaster in Indonesia on LGBTI people.

So far, more than 1500 people have died in the natural disaster.

Handed out to mosques throughout the country, the sermon quoted versus 28:59 and 11:82 to 83, claiming Allah punishes sinners.

Of course, amongst those sinful actions was being an LGBTI person.

In the sermon they wrote: ‘This verse explains that we are always under the observation of Allah the creator. Whatever the calamity that befalls humans must have its reason whether realised or not.

‘What is certain, no ruin is imparted but for humans’ own cruelty This cruelty is defined as idolatry towards Allah, and all forms of vices and sins done by humans.’

Constant persecution of LGBTI people

Other ‘vices and sins’ were missing prayers, premarital and adulterous sex, drinking alcohol, gambling, women showing skin, and lending money at high rates

Malaysia has come into the spotlight recently with how they treat LGBTI people.

The state drew public ire after they publicly canned two women who attempted to engage in lesbian sex.

The 22 and 32-year-old women were arrested by Islamic enforcement officers in April of this year. The pair were found together in a car park in Terengganu state. An Islamic Syariah Court sentenced the women to six lashes and a fine of RM3,330 (US$814).

Human rights groups from around the world condemned the action.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch Asia, urged Malaysia to end its ‘medieval practices’ towards LGBTI people, stating ‘caning is torture, full stop.’

Also, Amnesty International Malaysia said the caning was a ‘a dreadful reminder of the depth of discrimination LGBTI people face in the country.’

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