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Malaysia will show Beauty and the Beast with ‘gay moment’ after all

Malaysia will show Beauty and the Beast with ‘gay moment’ after all

Gaston is played by Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast

Malaysia will show Beauty and the Beast after all – including the ‘gay moment’.

Disney had originally pulled the blockbuster, after censors demanded the ‘gay moment’ be cut for the Malaysian distribution.

The censorship board said the movie would get a PG-13 rating, but only without the scene.

Under Malaysia’s strict anti-homosexuality laws gay characters can only be shown on screen if they repent or die.

Disney refused the censors’ request and instead completely pulled the movie.

But now it seems Belle and the Beast will dance across cinema screens after all.

Today (21 March) two of Malaysia’s leading cinema chains tweeted they would be showing Beauty and the Beast from 30 March onwards – two weeks after the original world premiere.

And it will include the ‘gay moment’ involving LeFou, manservant to villain Gaston.

According to the Associated Press, an anonymous government official said the film was cleared after an appeal committee watched it.

They reportedly determined the moment was inoffensive and.

The controversial scene involves LeFou singing an admiring song about his boss; he also dances with another man.

Under a British Empire colonial era law same-sex activity between two men is illegal, although it is illegal for women.

It is punished by up to 20 years in prison, with or without fines, and whipping.

Muslim citizens can also be charged in special Islamic courts.

Beauty and the Beast shattered box office records on its first weekend when it raised $350 million in ticket sales worldwide. It is now on track to become the most successful move musical of all times.

But it has also been surrounded by controversy.

Russia also considered banning the film, but in the end decided to give it an adults-only rating, based on the country’s gay propaganda-laws.

On Monday Beauty and the Beast was also pulled from cinemas in Kuwait, after censors were concerned by some of its content.