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Malaysian band’s new song encourages LGBTs to die and YouTube lets it keep on playing

Malaysian band’s new song encourages LGBTs to die and YouTube lets it keep on playing

  • Bunkface’s new song is branded an ‘extremist anthem’ and a betrayal of punk-rock.
Bunkface: Sam, Youk and Paan.

LGBT+ Malaysians have criticized popular punk-rock band Bunkface for an ‘extremist anthem’ that calls for the death of LGBT+ people.

The multi-award winning band has been popular in the southeast Asian country since 2006. They were among the first Malaysian bands to embrace the punk-rock style which Western artists had long dominated.

But their new song, Akhir Zaman or ‘End of Times’ includes a dangerously anti-LGBT lyric.

In the song, the band says ‘LGBT pergi mampus’ which translates as ‘go die, LGBT’ or possibly ‘go to hell, LGBT’.

‘It is not punk to target LGBT people’

The LGBT+ community in the country have mobilized to report the song to YouTube for inspiring hatred.

LGBT+ Malaysian site Queer Lapis said: ‘Our tech overlords, which includes YouTube, typically have so-called “impartial” community guidelines which enable a lot of anti-LGBT and hateful content to fester.

‘However, mass reporting is often an effective strategy, used on both sides of the political divide, to take down offensive content.’

But despite their efforts, the song remains available on the streaming platform.

And Twitter users are also outraged by the band’s attack on LGBT+ people.

Michelle Yesudas tweeted: ‘@bunkfaceband it is NOT punk to target LGBT people. Ridicule and invisibility will cost lives.

‘You are not punk. You’re no better than any Nazi fascist band, please rebrand. LGBT people are not your ping pong balls to score points with Malaysians.’

While Annatasha added: ‘Y’all, imagine going to a Bunkface concert now? And not feeling safe? I can see it’s about to be the extremist  anthem. And imagine being in a crowd to people telling your community “Boleh pergi mampus”? Fuck that.’

Malaysia is ‘increasingly unsafe for LGBTQ people’

Queer Lapis added: ‘Many netizens commented on how the band has betrayed the spirit of punk – ie support for minorities and the marginalised.

‘With a climate that is increasingly unsafe for LGBTQ people, the last thing the community needs is more hateful messages directed at them.

‘Blaming social anxiety and economic problems on people who are already marginalised is shallow and dangerous. It might even prove popular as it taps into existing misunderstandings of LGBT people and fans the hatred further.’

And Malaysian social news site World of Buzz has also used the opportunity to support the LGBT+ community.

It said: ‘During Malaysia’s political turmoil at the top, an angry protest song might seem timely. But for Bunkface, this rage isn’t just directed at corruption and the political elites, but also the LGBT community, which is an odd and unfortunate inclusion, to say the least.

‘The inclusion of pseudo-religious lyrics and commentary on “current affairs” reeks of something incredibly dangerous – an outdated band willing to do ANYTHING to stay relevant.’