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Malaysian uni prof says LGBTs should ‘migrate to the West’

Associate professor at the National University of Malaysia says ‘obviously the LGBT culture is against religion’ 

Malaysian uni prof says LGBTs should ‘migrate to the West’

An associate professor at the National University of Malaysia said in an interview on Wednesday that LGBT people should ‘migrate to the West to live this kind of lifestyle’.

Dr Samsul Adabi Marmat, associate professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) said to Free Malaysia Today:

‘We must follow the majority point of view. In Malaysia, LGBT will be judged based on religion and obviously the LGBT culture is against religion… They [LGBT] should be in the West if they don’t want to be isolated, because in Malaysia the majority of the people can’t accept the LGBT culture.’

Samsul made the comments when being asked about controversial guidelines issued by Malaysian parent and teacher associations that describe gay ‘symptoms’ in boys and girls.

Specifically on the guidelines Samsul commented:

‘Informative and accurate description of sexuality is crucial and we need to have views and opinions from the East as we can’t depend solely on views from the West as our cultures are different.’

Meanwhile the secretary-general of Malaysia’s Nation Union of the Teaching Professionals said that ‘education not guidelines’ on LGBT issues was important for children.

‘As far as I am concerned, the children have to be educated about it first and then given a proper guideline to lead them to the right path,’ Loke Yim Pheng said to the Malaysian Insider yesterday.

‘We should get the components involved – the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health – to study the proposal and come up with the right guideline.’ 

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