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Male escorts are making big bucks at the Republican National Convention

Male escorts are making big bucks at the Republican National Convention

Male escorts are raking in the big bucks from the closeted GOP

Times might be tough, but at least male escorts are reportedly making big bucks at the Republican National Convention.

Closeted politicians and their colleague, delegates and dignitaries are seeking out gay prostitutes and it appears most hustlers can’t keep up with the demand.

‘Business has been way better. I’ve seen 10 clients so far,’ said one hustler to the New York Post.

‘Most of them were first-timers. You could tell they were nervous, but once they became more comfortable, they seemed to be having a good time.’

One escort, who charges $250 an hour, said he’d been making around $800 a day since the beginning of the week.

Another claims to have made $1,600 from the GOP.

‘One of them was from Texas and visiting for the convention,’ one guy said when describing the clientele, noting most of them are white guys in their 40s. ‘He said he was a politician’.

But the surge did not come as a shock, with one escort added: ‘When it comes to anything people aren’t supported to be doing, they like to do it.’

Oddly enough, when the New York Post asked female prostitutes, they said business was actually a lot slower than they were expecting.

How unusual.

The Republican party has adopted its most homophobic platform ever after presidential nominee Donald Trump named religious freedom advocate and Indiana governor Mike Pence as his VP pick.

The GOP has endorsed ‘gay cure’ therapy, considered widely dangerous and harmful, bathroom bills, repealing same-sex marriage and stopping gay adoption.