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Male gymnasts strip and flip for the Harlem Shake

The Huskers, University of Nebraska's men's gymnastics team, show off their moves in a video filled with thrusts and jumps

Male gymnasts strip and flip for the Harlem Shake

A men’s gymnastics team is the latest to add their version of the Harlem Shake to the YouTube video craze.

The University of Nebraska men’s gymnatics team, the Huskers, have given viewers plenty of reasons to watch their video on repeat, stripping to bare torsos and shorts to demonstrate how they handle the floor with a lot of shake.

The video, meant to promote their match on 3 March, is the latest in a string of home-made videos where people dance along to a 1981 dance song that last year was reinvented by DJ Baauer.

Videos of an Australian longboarding crew, a Norwegian army platoon and a university swim team have gone viral with as many as 1 million hits in the matter of weeks.

The Husker’s video is so far one of the most ambitious and physically demanding videos. Good luck to the team on their upcoming match, and for the rest of you watching, don’t try this at home.

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