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All-male Japanese idol group release gay kissing video

All-male Japanese idol group release gay kissing video

Mesemoa's latest single features 36 gay kisses.

An all-male Japanese idol group have released a music video where all nine members kiss each other for almost four minutes.

MeseMoa recently premiered the video to their latest single, ‘Shadow Kiss’, on 13 April.

The video, set in a church, shows the boys repeatedly kissing each other for almost the whole song, whilst dressed in religious-themed garbs.

In total, they kiss 36 times in four minutes – ranging from pecks on the cheek to full-on snogging and even kissing each other’s feet and thighs.


Since releasing the video, it’s been seen almost 250,000 times on YouTube, and it’s proved to be very popular with the group’s fanbase.

Despite the homoerotic nature of the video, the boys are coy about their own sexuality.

When asked in an interview if any of them were gay back in 2014, they responded: ’I-I don’t know…’.


Idol groups are hugely popular in Japan, and many gain a cult following. The majority are all-girl groups, but male groups are slowly on the rise.

The group originally formed in 2012 under the name Morning Musumen, which covered songs performed by the all-female idol group Morning Musume.

You can watch their video below: