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This male X-Men character nearly came out as bisexual

This male X-Men character nearly came out as bisexual

If one person had made a different decision, we could be looking at having a bisexual X-Men solo superhero film next year.

It has been revealed that one mutant could have been bisexual a few years ago.

X-Men’s Gambit was slated to come out as bisexual

Writer James Asmus, back in Gambit’s 2012 solo series, was originally going to depict the Cajun card-playing thief as bisexual.

However, his editor and higher-ups at Marvel disagreed with the idea.

‘It’s true that I was interested in revealing Gambit to be bisexual in our series,’ Asmus said, ‘with us first seeing him seduce a man on one of his missions, and soon thereafter meeting a member of the thieves guild Gambit previously had a more significant relationship with in his pre-X-Men debut.’

However, Marvel said they felt it would be ‘redefining’ the character.

‘I never got past pitching the first part, though, as word came down we wouldn’t be redefining the character as such,’ he added.

But will Gambit come out in the future?

His editor on Gambit, Daniel Ketchum, was gay and would be unlikely to have disagreed with the idea on a LGBTI-inclusive perspective.

‘Though the memory is hazy (I pitched a LOT of different ideas for that book) I don’t think [Dan] was keen on the idea just from a practical/story stand point,’ he said.

‘And as I mentioned, I had lots of different concepts I was happy to explore—so in fairness, the “No” wasn’t something I fought against. And in hindsight, maybe that pitch was too half-baked.’

However, there is definitely hints in the books that Gambit could be bisexual.

Gambit, the solo movie starring Channing Tatum, will come out in February 2019.