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Man arrested in Delhi accused of shooting trans woman in stomach

Man arrested in Delhi accused of shooting trans woman in stomach

Delhi police with suspect (in blue) in killing of trans woman (Photo: Delhi Police / Twitter)

Indian police arrested one man and are hunting another after a transgender woman was shot in the capital Delhi this weekend.

The two men offered the 21-year-old a ride on early Sunday (20 January) morning, according to the Hindustani Times.

But, they then shot her in the stomach and pushed her out of their moving car after she refused to have sex with them.

The woman underwent surgery and will survive, deputy commissioner of police for southeast Delhi Chinmoy Biswal told the paper.

A passerby brought her to AIIMS hospital where she was admitted with a bullet wound to her stomach.

‘We registered a case of attempt to murder’ Biswal also said.

Police arrested one of the suspects, 24-year-old cab driver Sagar Kumar also known as Lampak, on Monday.

The suspect resisted arrest and fired at officers, according to Times of India.

What’s more, police are hunting his associate Chandra Kant.

Trans Indians at risk

Despite a major win for the LGBTI community in India, transgender people are still vulnerable.

On 6 September 2018, India’s Supreme Court ruled that a law making gay sex illegal was not constitutional. It scrapped elements of colonial-era Section 377 of the Penal Code. Therefore, much of the LGBTI community celebrated.

Since then, however, India’s transgender population have said violence against them continues.

Trans women in Delhi accuse police of beating and raping them.

While a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2014 recognized transgender as a third gender, the community remains marginalized.

In fact, the Upper House of the Indian Parliament is debating a transgender rights bill. Trans Indians and their allies have been urgently rallying against the bill.

They want a parliamentary committee to review the law. Trans Indians claim it infringes their rights rather than protecting them.

Importantly, the bill denies the right to self identify. Officials or doctors would ‘inspect’ trans people before they could officially change gender, according to the bill.

The new law would also criminalize begging. Many trans Indians rely on begging as a livelihood.

Discrimination prevents them from mainstream education and workplaces. The new bill also has no provisions to encourage integration, they argue.

It also offers no extra protection for trans women. Currently, charges of stalking, sexual assault, and rape, apply only to cisgender women.

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