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Armed man arrested at Houston public library during drag queen storytime

Armed man arrested at Houston public library during drag queen storytime

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Police arrested a man in Houston, Texas on Saturday (26 January) for trespassing at a public library during drag queen storytime. The man was carrying a concealed weapon at the time.

The Freed-Montrose Library issued James “Doc” Greene Sr. a trespassing warning last month. When Greene arrived at the library on Saturday, library management called the police when Green refused to leave.

Jodi Silva, a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, told Outsmart, a local LGBTQ magazine in Houston, Greene arrived about 15 minutes prior to the library’s drag queen storytime.

‘He was previously banned for filming children at the library, and has been known to cause disturbances,’ Silva said. ‘Several officers had to escort him out.’

Greene began filming his interaction with officers inside the library. He titled the video: Arrested for being a Christian.

Throughout the video, Greene demands from the police why he’s being asked to leave. In response, officers repeatedly tell Greene that the library does not want him on their premises and provide an affidavit of his trespass warning.

When the officers are finally able to lead Greene outside, he continues filming.

In the video, he’s heard saying: ‘We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children. They are doing it with your help.’

Eventually, the YouTube video ends, but Greene posted a continuation on Facebook.

Today I was arrested for being a white Christian, you may think you have freedom in this country because of the constitution but I can assure you that the constitution is no longer in force. the librarian at the Freed PUBLIC library had me arrested simply because she does not like having a Christian man in the library. They charged me with trespassing. I expect to get out of the hospital later today, this cannot stand, we must fight back.

Posted by James Greene Sr. on Saturday, 26 January 2019

In this video, Green accuses the police officers of breaking the law before they put him in handcuffs.

Officers also collected Greene’s concealed weapon.

Greene, who is a conservative host for Raging Elephants Radio, spoke about the incident in a Facebook video posted on Monday (28 January). In the video, Greene wears a MAGA hat and states that police still have his weapon. He also said he was taken to a hospital after being arrested due to chest pains and subsequently released.

An important gathering worth having

Drag queen storytime has become increasingly popular at public libraries over recent years.

During these events, parents and children gather at their local library where a drag queen reads children’s books to the crowd.

These happens all over the country, such as the Brooklyn Public Library where they host a drag queen storytime once a month.

Numerous conservative voices and groups have drawn ire against these gatherings. Despite disturbing them, the readings continue and recently a court threw out a lawsuit against a Texas library for hosting them.

The Houston Police Department confirmed they will be present at the library’s next drag queen storytime on 23 February.

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