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Man arrested for threatening to kill gay sister on Christmas Day

Man arrested for threatening to kill gay sister on Christmas Day

A man was arrested after allegedly threatening to kill his gay sister on Wednesday (25 December).

Gordon Bissonnette, 46, from Plainville, Connecticut, was reported to police by his terrified mother Clelie in the early hours of Christmas morning.

She claimed her son had threatened to murder her if she invited her daughter Corinne to the festivities.

Her other son, Brian, also went to the police station and played eight voicemails from Gordon for investigators to hear.

The messages, from the middle of December onwards, were of Gordon saying he will ‘execute’ his sister if he saw her on Christmas.

‘If she fucks with my child again, I will execute her myself,’ he allegedly said, according to the police report.

‘Corinne, if she goes against me, there will be bullets flying. She cannot talk to me. I wanna execute her. I will kill a gay.’

He added: ‘I’ll put a bullet in both their heads. If they turn my daughter gay, I’m gonna kill them both. I’m gonna blow their brains out.’

Other messages left were asking his brother if he wanted to help him destroy his sister’s Christmas, adding he is at ‘war’ with Corinne’s wife’s family.

The accused admitted to leaving the voicemails, but said he does not remember exactly what he said as he was drunk.

The report also explained he told police he had planned to throw a smoke bomb at the house where his sister and her wife were celebrating the holidays so they would think it was gun fire and ‘freak out’.

The 46-year-old Bissonnette is being charged with second-degree intimidation, second-degree threatening and second-degree harassment.

He was arraigned yesterday on these charges in Bristol Superior Court, where his bond was set at $75,000 (€54,000).  His family are believed to be leaving him in custody.

He was also issued four protective orders on behalf of his mother, his sister, his brother and his sister’s wife, ensuring they will not suffer from any further harassment.

A court date has been scheduled for 24 January.