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Man arrested following shooting of US trans woman Keanna Mattel

Man arrested following shooting of US trans woman Keanna Mattel

Keanna Mattel

A trans woman killed late last week in Detroit, Michigan, has been named as Keanna Mattel.

Her body was discovered around 6am Friday on E. McNichols Road, between Brush and Omira. She died as a result of a gunshot wound.

Police have arrested and charged 46-year-old Albert Weathers, of Sterling Heights, in connection with her death. He was arraigned yesterday on charges of open murder.

According to Into, Mattel, 36, was an active member of Detroit’s ballroom scene. She was a member of the scene’s Legendary House of Ebony.

Keanna Mattel was the name she used on her Facebook, although police have issued a separate name for the victim. It’s unclear if this is the name she was assigned at birth.

Victim previously spoke out about anti-trans violence

In 2015, Mattel spoke to British newspaper The Guardian about anti-trans violence. This followed the death of another trans woman, Amber Monroe, in the same Palmer Park area.

‘The police are unaware with [sic] our struggle so they have no sympathy for us. Nobody ever asks, what happened to that person to get here?’

She is the 25th reported trans killing in the US this year, according to HRC.

Friends of Mattel will be hosting a fundraising event tomorrow (12 December) to help her family cover funeral expenses.

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