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Man banned from food bank over gay marriage support

Man banned from food bank over gay marriage support

Richard Friesen is on crutches, making it difficult to go to anoter food bank.

A man has said he was banned from a food bank in Canada because he supports gay marriage.

When Richard Friesen voiced his concerns about a clause in Winnipeg Harvest food bank’s ‘lifestyle agreement,’ he was told he would not be able to volunteer or receive assistance there.

The branch of the food bank Friesen went to is sponsored by the Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship Church.

‘One particular thing on the lifestyle agreement that struck me as very, very odd, especially with today’s world that we live in, was the “must respect the relationship of only a man and a woman in marriage,”‘ he told APTN National News.

‘To me, now that is a very, very outdated way of thinking.’

Friesen’s father complained to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, which told him such an agreement was ‘not legal.’

The clause has since dropped but his son is still unable to get assistance from the food bank.

‘I cannot go there and I cannot get food based simply on the fact that I had questions about a lifestyle agreement that they were then forced to change,’ said Friesen, who is on crutches and would have difficulty going to a food bank further away.

After Friesen’s story made headlines, others have also accused Winnipeg Harvest food bank of forcing religion on its users.

One woman said she was made her sit through church services she did not agree with in order to receive assistance.