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Man caught on video tearing down rainbow flag hanging outside house

Man caught on video tearing down rainbow flag hanging outside house

man seen tearing down a rainbow flag in Washington DC

A video posted by a Washington DC resident shows a man tearing down a rainbow Pride flag hanging outside a house.

The man was also heard shouting homophobic slurs while tearing down the flag.

The recording of the incident was posted online on Tuesday (2 July).

The video appears to be from a home security system set up outside the house. It includes audio, allowing the man to be heard making homophobic comments.

Police have attempted to reach out to the home resident, though have not been successful.

Shouting homophobic slurs while tearing down the flag 

In the video, the man is heard making homophobic epithets while approaching the house with the rainbow flag.

He then walks up to the rainbow flag, tears down and hits it against a fence.

During this time, the man shouts homophobic slurs, such as ‘f**got mother fucker’ and ‘fucking f**got’.

He is then seen throwing the flag onto the sidewalk before walking away.

The video was posted on Twitter by the house’s resident under the account name @mjasonroades.

He posted the video along with a tweet which read: ‘This happened in broad daylight at our house on Independence at 17th St SE this morning while my wife was walking our dog. People like this should not be on our streets.’

Local police have attempted to reach the home resident to discuss the incident though have so far been unsucceful, the Washington Blade reports.

‘We saw the Popville post as well and have attempted to make contact with and have the property owner make a report,’ DC Police Lt Brett Parson, head of the police LGBT Liaison Unit, said in an email.

‘They were encouraged to contact the LGBT Liaison Unit Duty Phone or call 911,’ Parson told the Blade. ‘We stand ready to respond, investigate, and provide support,’ he added.