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Man charged after homophobic assault clip goes viral

Man charged after homophobic assault clip goes viral

Police looking for homophobe salt lake city

A 22-year-old man named Carlo Alazo was charged with assault and threatening to use a weapon on Saturday (23 February).

According to LGBTQ Nation, Alazo is the man in a viral video showing a homophobic attack in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Alazo, however, will not face hate crime charges.

Sal Trejo, the alleged victim of the assault, used the incident to encourage support for a Utah Senate Bill that would extend hate crime protections to gender, race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation.

What happened?

Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, the man is heard asking: ‘Are you gay though?’  Trejo replies, ‘Oh I am.’

The man responds, ‘Oh then you’re gay?’ before launching his attack.

After posting the video on Twitter, Trejo released a full statement detailing what he says occurred.

Trejo alleged that after the events of the video, the attacker pulled a knife and call them ‘faggots’.

He wrote: ‘It started with him approaching us out of the blue and making homophobic and misogynistic comments towards our group.

‘We started recording him and asked him to leave, he wouldn’t, and then went on to hit me and shove one of our girlfriends. At this point we became verbally aggressive to protect ourselves.

‘We called the police immediately. He then pulled out a knife and pointed it towards us while continuing to call us faggots.

‘He eventually ran off, got into his car (in his intoxicated state) and drove on the light-rail tracks until he sped off away from Main Street. This man is dangerous and needs to be held accountable for his actions.’

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