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Man charged with beating to death gay inmate he claimed hit on him

Man charged with beating to death gay inmate he claimed hit on him

immaneul edens charged with murder gay inmate harris county texas

A man has been charged with the murder of a gay inmate he claimed hit on him in a holding cell.

Immanuel Edens, now 25, is accused of beating to death Lloyd Alan Mosley, 58, in a Harris County, Texas, jail cell in November 2017. Mosley spent two years being treated in a nursing home with a coma. However, he died 4 June 2019. Police charged Edens two days later.

Prosecutors originally dismissed the felony assault charge against Edens, despite Mosley being treated for a severe brain injury. He was released on probation for a prior assault.

Officials said they held the two men in a holding cell on the fifth floor of the jail before they were to be moved to other cell blocks. It was in the holding cell that the beating occurred.

According to court records, Edens alleges Mosley tried to make sexual advances towards him. Edens claims he ‘defended himself’. However, he didn’t give any other details about the fight.

The victim, Mosley, was sentenced to 40 days for hitting a man. He’d served 21 days before the assault.

Edens was originally charged with assault for brandishing brass knuckles and attacking a security guard. He’d served four days before the assault on Mosley.

Brother’s comment

Mosley’s younger brother, Jeremy Kinkle, spoke to Houston Chronicle about the assault: ‘When someone gets arrested, you’re not supposed to send them away to their death. That seems par for the course these days.

‘He was a loving person. If Alan was your friend he would fight for you, and he wasn’t going to let anybody mess with you.’

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