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Man charged with murder of three people including Dallas trans woman

Man charged with murder of three people including Dallas trans woman

Muhlaysia Booker, a trans woman who suffered a violent death in Dallas

Dallas police have charged 33-year-old man with murder in three recent killings yesterday (12 June).

They charged the man, Kendrell Lavar Lyles, in connection with the death of Muhlaysia Booker, 23, a trans woman who was found dead last month, Major Max Geron said at a news conference.

The fatal shooting of Booker sent shock-waves across the US. Seen as the latest victim in a string of violent acts against trans women in the area.

What happened?

According to the New York Times, police arrested Lyles on 5 June in connection to the death of an unnamed female victim on 22 May.

Authorities then tied him to the killings of Booker and a drug-related killing of a man on 23 May.

The police did not release the victim’s names.

Police linked Lyles while investigating the two other (22 and 23 May) killings.

‘Person of interest’

Major Geron said Lyles was a ‘person of interest’ in the killing Chynal Lindesy.

The 26-year-old trans woman was, too, killed in the Dallas area. Police pulled Linsey from White Rock just a couple weeks after the shooting of Booker.

With three trans women killed this year alone and five in the last three years, Dallas police recently requested aid from the FBI in their investigations.

‘We continue to investigate them and will look to see if there are ties to Lyles to those other cases,’ Major Geron said at the press conference.

What happened to Muhlaysia Booker?

Dragged across a Dallas car parking lot in front of a jeering crowd before being brutally beaten like a ‘punching bag,’ the footage of Booker being assaulted by three men as dozens did nothing went viral in May.

But just a month after, she died due to a fatal shooting.

It sparked an outcry and highlighted the ongoing violence trans people of color face on the daily.

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