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Man dies at London gay sauna

Man dies at London gay sauna

A man has died at a gay London sauna in the early hours of yesterday morning (27 October).

Police and paramedics were called to help save three men who had collapsed in Pleasuredrome, a venue in Cornwall Road, Waterloo.

The ambulance was called at 8.15am to help the three unconscious men.

In a statement made to Gay Star News, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘One of the men was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other two were taken to the nearby hospital.

‘One remains there in critical condition.’

As of the time of writing, the identities of the three men have not been released.

While it has not been confirmed, police reports say it was likely drug-related. A post mortem will be held soon and an inquest into the death will follow.

Pleasuredrome, which describes itself as London’s best sauna for gay men, has a drug and smoke free policy and is open 24 hours a day.

Gay Star News approached the sauna but they were not available for comment.

The incident follows a police warning that recent substance-related deaths could be related to a contaminated batch of drugs.

Enquiries are ongoing so if you have any information, call Lambeth police on +44 (0)20 8749 3597.

UPDATE: The man who was in critical condition has died. To read more about the investigation, as well as Pleasuredrome’s response, click here.