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Is this the most stupid vandal in the world?

He was caught vandalizing a mural of George Michael, but what happened next is amazing

Is this the most stupid vandal in the world?
Pauline Pantsdown | Facebook
George Michael mural vandalized

An Australian Facebook page is urging people to vandalize a mural of George Michael in Sydney’s inner west.

Christian Lives Matter wrote in a Facebook post: ‘WE CALL FOR YOU TO ACT ON THIS URGENTLY!’

It comes about as another mural was defaced depicting anti-gay politician Tony Abbott and Catholic church leader George Pell in an intimate embrace.

Painted by artist Scott Marsh, many criticized the latest mural for its crude depiction of Abbott’s hand down a semi-naked Pell’s underwear.

A man by the name of Charlie Bakhos posted a video to Facebook, showing a man painting over the controversial mural.

And now the page has its sights set on the beloved George Michael mural, painted last year.

The George Michael mural in Sydney, by Stereogamous and Scott MarshStereogamous | Facebook

The George Michael mural in Sydney

Jonny Seymour, one half of electropop act Stereogamous, saw a post on Facebook about the vandalism and posted what his friend wrote about catching the vandal.

According to a Twitter post: ‘This guy was caught red handed brazenly graffitiing the beloved St George mural.

‘He then chased my partner, who was forced to hide in a nearby carport.

‘Police have been notified,’ the post read.

What happened next?

The couple who caught the vandal managed to take photos of the unidentified man.

But, unfortunately for him, he wore his work shirt while doing it… with the phone number of his employer printed on the back.

Azztek Stone employee (phone number blurred out)

Azztek Stone employee (phone number blurred out)

His employer, Azztek Stone, soon found out about the vandalism and responded swiftly.

In a statement, they said: ‘We at Azztek Stone strongly and vigorously condem (sic) the action taken by one of our employees. His actions in no way reflect on the beliefs held by the company, its policy and the belief of all other individuals employed by Azztek Stone.

‘The employee has been stood down and the company is willing to compensate for the damage that has been done and return the art work to its original condition.

‘We apologise for any offence or harm the irresponsible actions of our employee might have caused,’ it read.

Many also took to the Christian Lives Matter Facebook page to report the condoning of vandalism.

Paul Mac, other half of Stereogamous, wrote on Facebook: ‘If you could do me one favour, please report the Christian Lives Matter Facebook page to Facebook so it is taken down as they are encouraging a vigilante response.’

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