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Man falls off balcony after dating app meet-up, police make urgent call out

Man falls off balcony after dating app meet-up, police make urgent call out

Police call for any information surrounding this unidentified man

Police are calling for any information after a man fell off his balcony and impaled himself on the leg of a table.

The 37-year-old American man works in Sydney and lives in an apartment building on Brisbane street in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills.

He is now in a ‘critical condition’ at St Vincent’s Hospital.

At around 4pm on 4 November, video footage captured an unidentified man entering the 37-year-old’s apartment building.

The man enters the building with his phone in his hand, then video footage captures the man leaving carrying a bag.

Police: ‘I don’t think it gets much worse’

Detective Superintendent Gavin Wood from the Surry Hills Police Area Command shared more information in a Facebook video posted today (13 November).

He said: ‘For a young 37-year-old man to be in the prime of his life to be in an induced coma in a critical condition in a country he wasn’t born it, it’s horrific in anyone’s language.

‘It’s our job to work hard and establish why it’s happened. But in terms of the enormity of it, I don’t think it gets much worse,’ Detective Wood said.

He then added: ‘We seek the public’s help and assistance to try to establish the person depicted in that imagery. That person is a witness.

‘He’s a person that we think can shed significant light on the circumstances around the fall,’ he said.

Police described the man as Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance with a slim build and dark hair. At the time, he was also wearing a dark t-shirt and jeans.

Police believe the two men met via a dating app.

Detective Wood said: ‘Know who you are meeting, where you’re meeting them, what their intentions are and perhaps establish some safeguards beforehand such as providing close friends with those details.’

Police added they believe the 37-year-old man was not pushed, but rather jumped off the balcony.

If you have any information about the identity of the man, contact Crime Stoppers.

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