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Man gets 25 to 40 years for death of transgender teen

Man gets 25 to 40 years for death of transgender teen

Shelley Hilliard's killer was sentenced late last month in a Detroit courtroom. As reported on the blog Rod 2.0, Qasim Raqib was given 25 to 40 years by 3rd Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow for Hilliard's fall murder. The culprit pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

State authorities charged Raqib mutilated Hilliard and then set her afire on a Detroit street. The crime occurred after the teen helped the police with a drug sting against the culprit.

The dead woman's body was found last October. Her mother said a cab driver took her daughter to a house and she allegedly was attacked by three men. Hilliard used her cell phone to call the cab driver, but the line went silent.

The blog gives kudos to the Detroit Police Department and Wayne County prosecutors, noting 'the murders of black trans women are often unsolved.'

A study, completed by the the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,  National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Black Justice Coalition, discovered that black transgender women 'are more than likely to suffer from violence, physical or sexual abuse, police brutality, HIV/AIDS and bullying,'