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Man jailed for smashing gay man’s house and threatening him with a knife

Man jailed for smashing gay man’s house and threatening him with a knife

Matthew Walker humberside police

A British court sentenced a man to prison after he destroyed a gay man’s house and threatened him with a knife.

Police arrested Matthew Walker, 45, after they found him hanging through a smashed window into Gareth Dixon’s house on 4 January 2019.

Walker arrived at Dixon’s home in Hull with a golf club and a wooden bat. He screamed, ‘I’m gonna f**king kill you, queer c**t.’ He then smashed the windows and front door.

The court heard Walker walked off and told the police to ‘f**k off’ when the officers told him to stop.

Police tasered Walker and arrested him.

Walker told police: ‘He deserves it. He’s a f**king queer c**t. There will be bodies. I’ve told you I’ll kill him.

‘I’ll f**king slice him up, you just watch.’

Walker smashed the ground-floor windows. He also damaged a tank where Dixon kept his pet tarantula, Beyonce.

A second attack

However, after being released on bail, Walker returned a second time. He attempted to break down the door and threatened him with a knife.

Dixon told HullLive that he feels like a prisoner in his own home. He has now begun to self-harm again as he’s afraid to leave his house.

He said: ‘You shouldn’t be allowed to bully somebody because of their sexuality. I hate it. It makes me feel ill. That’s why I don’t go out anymore.

‘Any bang I hear on the door, it is like a heart attack. I sit in the dark constantly in case people think I am in because the lights are on.

‘I have been here six years and I used to live next door growing up. I used to feel safe around here but now I don’t.

‘It has killed me. I am knocked for six.’

Walker appeared at Hull Crown Court on Monday 8 July. He was sentenced to four years and four months in prison.

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