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Man hurls vile homophobic abuse at gay couple hunting for owner of lost dog

Man hurls vile homophobic abuse at gay couple hunting for owner of lost dog

The young man hurled insults at the women in Portland, Oregon - they were trying to find the owners of a lost dog

A man in Portland, Oregon has been caught on camera hurling homophobic abuse at a gay couple.

The women, Trudy and Wendy Dragoon, found a lost dog Sunday afternoon and knocked on local doors to try and locate the owner. This escalated into a confrontation with a young man.

‘You look like a fucking man, let’s go,’ the man says while raising his fists at Trudy. ‘Act like a fucking man, get hit like one, cunt. Gay pride ass bitch!

‘Come on, come on, you’re a fucking woman. I’d fucking knock you on your fat ass, you fat cow.’

He later calls the women ‘dumb’: ‘Get the fuck going, cow. Go fucking scissor each other,’ he says, making hand gestures to suggest a sexual encounter.

Trudy, unintimidated by his language and threatening behavior, challenges him.

‘You think that you scare me?’ she ask the unidentified man.

‘Oh, I’m so scared of a fucking lesbian!’ he scoffs.

The video was shared to Trudy’s Facebook page earlier this week and quickly racked up tens of thousands of views. However, it was then removed from Facebook – prompting Trudy to repost it earlier today.

She says the video ended when a local policeman turned up in his vehicle.

No immediate help from the law

In her original video posting, she commented: ‘A “good guy cop” rolled up and CLEARLY did not want to help us. Before he even got out of the car he was telling us to ignore him and just walk away. Then told us he couldn’t do anything.

‘These little fuckers live around the corner,’ she says. ‘It will take them no time to figure out which house is ours so I guess we wait until we are physically assaulted before we can get help.’

She later told her local TV station that the policeman appeared reluctant to get involved, telling her and her wife, ‘Not until he actually physically assaults you, there’s nothing that can be done.’

Trying to track down owner of lost dog

Today, Wendy posted an explanation to Facebook of what had happened in the run up to the confrontation.

She says they found a dog and hit upon the idea of taking the dog out on a leash to see if it might lead them to its home.

We’re reprinting the rest of Wendy’s story in her own words.

‘So sweety pants dykey poo and their incredibly brilliant, and startlingly beautiful, femme wife put pupperooni on a leash and went for a walk. Suddely, they arrived at an intersection. The doggo wanted to proceed forward. Dykester and Femmebot looked left. Then looked right.

‘A truck was approaching but it was far away and not menacing so they stepped once. Then twice. They kept stepping forward until they were in the middle of the intersection. Suddenly, the truck got very loud and very fast and sped towards them!

‘Dykerooni and Femmykins jumped on the curb and yelled “what the fuck, dude?!?”

‘Their language was awful but they were fearful and shocked. Floppy haired blonde boy, who was no prince at all, yelled “get out of the road you fucking dykes!” Out of nowhere, the truck u-turned and came to a halt.

‘Next, would be surfer boy jumped out of the vehicle.’

It was at this point that the altercation began and Wendy thought it wise to start filming.

What happened to the lost dog?

Asked by a Facebook friend what happened to the dog, Wendy replies: ‘OH! That’s the best part! While femmeroo was yelling at the incompetent police officer for refusing to do his job, the family drove by and yelled “is that our dog??” And they were tearfully reunited!’

Wendy also said that the couple had received lots of messages of support, but wished no harm upon the young man in the video.

‘He’s clearly troubled and angry’

‘I know a lot of it is just blowing off steam but I want to say that I’m not finding joy from the threats of violence against the kid in my video. He’s clearly troubled and angry. I’m angry too but I want my community responding with love where possible.

‘My heart is so full from the kind words I’ve received and the beautiful acts being planned in “retaliation”. We don’t have to respond to him with love, but we should absolutely be responding to the world with grand acts of love and beauty.’

Local Portland Police Sergeant Chris Burley told KATU News the office involved in the incident is now writing a report on it. However, it doesn’t automatically mean it will be treated as a hate crime.

‘As a police officer, as a member of the gay community, I – it’s extremely offensive language. Just because of hateful speech, an officer cannot necessarily take somebody into custody.’

Wendy told GSN that it’s not the first time Trudy has experienced homophobic abuse.

‘Tru hears stuff like that all the time but never as aggressively. I am straight passing so I have never experienced anything of the sort in Portland.’

She said Facebook told them it had removed the video for violating its terms of service based on hate speech.

‘The police originally refused to even take our names or write a report but because the video went viral they are now investigating and we have filed a complaint against the officer.’

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