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Man broke lesbian’s nose because she refused to have sex with him

Man broke lesbian’s nose because she refused to have sex with him

Woman holding tissue to her nose

A man broke a lesbian’s nose because she refused to have sex with him, a court heard.

Olarenwaju Adetunji, 26, went back to his lesbian friend’s home after they had a night out on 16 August last year.

The lesbian, who remains anonymous, said they left the night out with their friends early because they both had to be up for work in the morning.

She allowed Adetunji to share her king size bed, but he began licking her ear, reports Plymouth Live.

When she jumped out of bed and asked what he was doing, he punched her in the nose.

Plymouth Crown Court
Plymouth Crown Court. | Photo: Tom Parnell / Flickr

The Plymouth Crown Court judge said Adetunji misinterpreted her invitation to sleep in her bed as an invitation for sex.

Adetunji pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

The judge then handed Adetunji a suspended prison sentence, meaning he has to stay away from the woman, as well as complete community service.

Recorder Rufus Taylor said: ‘This attack was motivated by her rejection of you. It has had a terrible impact on her.

‘She is still awaiting surgery and says that is has changed her character,’ he said.

The woman also accused Adetunji of racially aggravated assault – she is Spanish – but a jury acquitted him of this charge.

She also claimed Adetunji knew she was a lesbian. The court heard Adetunji was ‘very remorseful’.

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