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Gay man films landlady demanding he move because of visiting ‘homosexuals’

Gay man films landlady demanding he move because of visiting ‘homosexuals’

Randal Coffman says his landlady turned unwelcoming after finding out he's gay

A gay man in Florida recorded his landlady demanding he move out of her apartment. He says she turned unwelcoming after learning about his sexuality. The relationship broke down just days after he moved in.

Randal Coffman, 22, moved into the home of Jackie Cooper in Middleburg, Clay County, Florida. Cooper rents out a small apartment on the back of her property which has a separate entrance.

Coffman moved in 1 December. He says two weeks later Cooper demanded he move out. He believes his landlady had a change of heart when she discovered he’s gay.

His landlady told him he wasn’t allowed to bring girls back to the property late at night. That’s when he informed her that wouldn’t be happening as he’s gay.

Landlady complains of late learning of tenant’s sexuality

On Saturday 15 December, Coffman recorded a discussion he had with Cooper. In it, she clearly appears to complain about the fact she’s only just been told of the fact Coffman is gay.

‘And you didn’t tell me that you’re gay until yesterday?’ she quizzes him.

‘Why would I have to tell you I’m gay?’ he responds.

‘You think I want homosexuals coming back and forth in my place like that?’

Coffman gave the video to FirstCoastNews. He says after Cooper found out about his sexuality, ‘the harassment for being gay started.’

Approached by FirstCoastNews, Cooper denies the allegation.

She says Coffman didn’t provide her with copies of his licence, and she objected to him having friends park their cars outside her property. They shared a driveway, and she says his friends would leave cars outside her property ‘for days.’

He says this isn’t true and he only had friends visits on three occasions.

‘I think if I were straight, she and I would get along great,’ says Coffman.

Coffman: ‘Scared to return to apartment’

No tenancy agreement was signed and the month-to-month rental was agreed verbally.

Anti-discrimination protections exist in Jacksonville but do not include Clay County. As it was just a month-to-month rental, landlords need to give tenants a minimum 15 days’ notice to leave before the end of the month. Cooper told Coffman to be out by 27 December, just short of the 15 day rule.

Coffman told FirstCoastNews he is scared to return to the apartment and is looking for a new place to live.

‘Right now I am staying at my friends Alisa’s house in her spare room,’ Coffman told Gay Star News.

‘I will be at my friend Alisa’s house for Christmas unfortunately, which isn’t much of a Christmas because I won’t be at my own place where my Christmas tree is, but her family makes up for it greatly.’

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