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Man rejected from adopting cat for being gay: ‘It hurts as much as when I was 8 years old’

Man rejected from adopting cat for being gay: ‘It hurts as much as when I was 8 years old’

Man couldn't adopt cat because he's gay

Greek writer and actor Alex Andreou tweeted Tuesday he was rejected from adopting a cat because he’s gay.

In the tweet, Andreou explained he drove two hours ‘to adopt a cat that desperately needed rehoming and was turned down for being gay’. Andreou writes for The Guardian and beyond and runs the¬†Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company.

He posted screenshots of the nasty text exchange with the tweet.

The texts show the person asking Andreou if he’s gay. When Andreou questions if it’s an issue, the person responds: ‘I am religious so i strongly disagree with the life style.’

They then apologize if they hurt Andreou’s feelings and Andreou sent the best response: ‘Darling, I’ve been beaten and called a “faggot” since I was 8. My feelings are quite robust. And yes, sorry is precisely what you are.’

The person followed up with: ‘Are you not afraid of going to hell when you die?’

Andreou tweeted not longer he was on the bus sobbing and it hurts as much as when he was 8.

When someone asked why he didn’t name the person, Andreou responded: ‘Because that would make me a little more like her and I am nothing like her.’

Luckily, Andreou tweeted a couple hours later with an update to the story. And it’s a good one!

A friend is going to pick the cats up for Andreou on Thursday.

He then pondered the first thing he’ll do with the cats and how he’ll spoil them.

We sincerely hope Andreou posts these photos because they sound marvelous! And we’re very glad this story has a happy ending.

Gay Star News reached out to Andreou for further comment.