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Man stabs 18-year-old son after calling him ’embarrassing f*ggot’

Man stabs 18-year-old son after calling him ’embarrassing f*ggot’

Leading LGBT rights group in Chile, Movilh, reported the violence (Photo: Facebook)

An 18-year-old student in Quilpué, Chile was stabbed by his father in a worrying bout of intrafamily violence, according to a local LGBTI rights group.

The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) reported the incident on Tuesday (2 July).

Movilh president Gonzalo Velásquez. said it was ‘one of the most serious cases of homophobic intrafamily violence that we have known’.

The father said he was ‘embarrassed to have a faggot son’, according to testimony by the boy’s mother shared by Movilh.

The son, who is a gastronomy student, had intervened in a row between his parents.

‘The reaction was dramatic’ Velásquez also explained.

’The father invited his son to fight outside the house, with knife in hand’ Velásquez said.

He stabbed him minutes later. The student suffered one left thoracic penetrating wound and two dorsal puncture wounds.

Velásquez said the case added to a worrying increase of homophobic incidents in the region.

Beaten by family

Movilh also reported a second incident.

The sister and nephew of a 54-year-old man in Pedro Aguirre Cerda attacked him on 16 June.

They hit him all over his body. His relatives also hit him in the head with a bottle.

‘It is very sad that a person of 54 years should suffer these abuses at the hands of their relatives. In this case we are also providing legal guidance’ said Velásquez.

Violence in Chile

Chileans overwhelmingly support LGBTI rights in the South American country. But violence is still an issue there.

recent survey showed 65% of Chileans above the age of 18, supported marriage equality. That’s a seven-point jump since February.

Chile currently offers civil partnerships to same-sex couples. The previous president introduced a bill to legalize love but the new Chilean president recently stated legalizing same-sex marriage is not a priority.

On trans issues, 67% of people agreed a person should be able to transition without surgery or approval for a medical board. But only once they’ve changed their gender markers on official documents such as national ID cards and passports.

CCTV footage of the attack in Chile (Photo: YouTube)
CCTV footage of the attack in Chile (Photo: YouTube)

But LGBTI people regularly face discrimination and violence in Chile.

In January this year, at least two men in Chile were violently attacked and tortured in two seperate homophobic attacks.

One man had his head held under hot water in a hot tub. Attackers allegedly stomped on the other man’s genitals, burnt cigarettes on his hand and hit him on the head with a large stone.

In May, Three men brutally attacked a gay couple in Navidad, Chile.

Acosta and Campos, who own an electronics store, told Movilh the men shouted ‘faggots’ and other homophobic insults.

Footage shows the three men grabbing, punching, kicking and pulling the hair of the two men.