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Man told ‘I’ll beat the gay out of you’ for wearing short shorts during Pride

Man told ‘I’ll beat the gay out of you’ for wearing short shorts during Pride

A man (right) threatened a Pride-goer last weekend for wearing short-shorts | Picture: Twitter (@paleo_20)

In terrifying footage, a homophobic man threatened to ‘beat the gay out’ of a guy queuing in a Barcelona McDonald’s just for wearing short shorts.

As the LGBTI Pride celebrations on 28 June began, a party-goer swung by the fast-food restaurant in the Catalan capital when a man confronted him.

Nearly 4.2 million people have watched the viral footage on Twitter.

What happened?

In the cellphone footage, a man in all-black approaches the victim in a neon yellow vest, distressed denim shorts, and chunky platform sneakers.

The homophobe expressed that he ‘didn’t agree’ with the ensemble, and told him that it was ‘disrespectful’ to be dressed ‘like that’ in public.

‘I don’t care if you’re queer,’ he added.

‘I really have to put up with a guy telling me that I can’t dress like this?’ the victim complained to the security man in the clip. Flagging that is it ‘Gay Pride Day.’

Moreover, the man replied: ‘I don’t care what day it is, it is also a good day to punch you. Do you want to see?

‘I’m going to beat you till you become heterosexual.’

‘When you go out, I am going to hit you so hard your queerness will disappear.’

The person filming eventually intervened and pushed the man aside.

‘We are completely outraged’

According to local media, police quickly arrived at the scene. But the victim chose not to press charges.

McDonald’s security staff reportedly alerted local law enforcement as soon as the incident occurred.

Furthermore, organizaers at Pride Barcelona said: ‘We are completely outraged by the serious episode of homophobia suffered yesterday in an establishment near Plaza Universitat.

‘We offer all our support to the victim and we encourage him to make a report to the Observatori against Homophobia.’

Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau and Albert Rivera, leader of the Spanish political party ‘Ciudadanos,’ have both condemned the attack.

Colau raised the rainbow flag outside city hall and said: ‘Homophobes are not welcome in our city, we will work side by side with LGTBI groups and we will not tolerate any discrimination.’

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