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Man who filmed and threatened men he met on Grindr now in jail

Man who filmed and threatened men he met on Grindr now in jail

Police arrested the man at Hotel 81 Hollywood in Singapore (Photo: Facebook)

A Nigerian man was sentenced to one year in jail on Tuesday (9 February) in Singapore for filming and threatening men he met on Grindr.

Okereke Ransom Okechukwu, 34, met the two men in May last year, according to Channel News Asia.

In both cases, Ransom secretly filmed the men committing sex acts upon.

He then threatened to leak the footage if the victims did not pay hundreds of dollars.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal intimidation.

In conservative Singapore, gay sex is punishable by up to two years in jail.

The majority of the population support the colonial-era law in the city-state.

The victims

According to CNA, Ransom met both the 36-year-old Singapore permanent resident and a 32-year-old Australian man on Grindr within the space of a few days.

Ransom went to the Singaporean’s home on May 19.

While the man was performed a sex act, Ransom said he wanted to check his phone. But, he secretly filmed the man.

Afterwards, he then demanded the man pay him more than US$300 to delete the video.

Fearing his reputation, the man went to withdraw cash at an ATM. He first gave Ransom less than half of the money.

Ransom demanded the rest, so the man called the police.

‘I have a gun’

A few days later, he started speaking to an Australian in town on a business trip. Ransom then visited the victim at his hotel room.

Ransom again secretly recorded a sex act, claiming he wanted to watch pornography on his phone.

The Australian man realized Ransom was recording and demanded he delete the video.

Ransom then demanded more than US$1,500 to delete the video.

What’s more, he claimed he had a gun and would kill the Australian man if he failed to pay.

The victim suggested trying to get money from the hotel’s reception desk.

After they had both left the room, the Australian shut the door and called hotel security.

Police arrested Ransom a day later.